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the ‘baik’ bicycle

symmetrical lines and angles blend baik frame with the bicycle’s rims by piotr boruslawski | designboom

with the ‘baik’ bicycle, ion lucin wanted to create a concept with as few elements and lines as possible. starting with symmetrical lines and angles, it was possible to create a frame, which would blend with the rims of the bicycle. the minimalism goes even further, in the way the color is applied, to express more with less. see more…

orange+ sedona design news

ecdm adds curving glass and steel apartment block

french firm ECDM has added a nine-storey tower with an undulating glass form to a row of housing blocks in Paris’ 7th arrondissement (+ slideshow).

paris-based ECDM was tasked with creating both apartments for sale and social housing for a site on Avenue de Saxe. The plot already had a garden – a feature that the architects were keen to retain. read more…

tropical beach house

tropical beach house by renato d’ettorre architects photo by willem rethmeier

a small one bedroom beach house. the primary design elements are shutters made out of low-maintenance native hardwoods that will age and eventually blend in with the surrounding tropical landscape. see more…

tropical beach house, far north queensland, australia, by renato d’ettorre architects

Post by Joseph Napolitani

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